Barbara Rovan

Translation and interpreting of English, Japanese and Slovenian

I am a translator and interpreter for English, Japanese and Slovenian language. Since 1991 I have been working for several clients in Slovenia and abroad. I was educated in Slovenia and in Japan. I am a member of the Association of Translators and Interpreters of Slovenia and work in accordance with the Code of Professional Ethics of the Association, which is based on the code of professional ethics of FIT.

Good command of all three languages, knowledge of several fields and long-term experience guarantee the quality of my work. I carry out written translations, simultaneous and consecutive interpreting and certified interpreting and translation.


I translate into English, Japanese and Slovenian language. All translations into English and Japanese are checked by a native speaker of the respective language, whereas my translations into Slovenian are checked by another translator. I consult technical experts regarding terminologically demanding translations.

Simultaneous and consecutive interpreting

In simultaneous interpretation the interpreter works in a booth, listens to the source language speaker via earphones and speaks into a microphone, rendering the message in the target language just a few seconds later. In consecutive interpreting the interpreter speaks after the source-language speaker finishes a segment of his speech or has finished speaking. Contrary to simultaneous interpretation, the interpreter is not in a booth but sits or stands beside the source-language speaker, taking notes. In both cases one interpreter can work for no longer than 30 minutes, then he or she is replaced by a colleague. For events longer than half an hour the client therefore has to hire two interpreters. For simultaneous interpretation technical equipment is also needed. (earphones and microphone).

I have been interpreting since 1992. For longer interpretation sessions I am able to recommend a colleague with whom I work in a pair for the English/Slovenian language combination, as well as interpreters for German/Slovenian and French/Slovenian language combinations. I am also able to recommend the services of a company which rents technical equipment.

Certified translations and interpreting

As a certified translator and interpreter for the English/Slovenian language combination I translate legal documents, court documents, notary documents, commercial agreements, excerpts from company registers, certificates, authorizations, certificates of criminal records, marriage certificates, wills etc. I interpret at notary offices and in court proceedings for English speaking clients. I have experience with commercial law disputes, criminal cases, complaints to the ECHR regarding the length of proceedings etc. I work in accordance with the Code of Ethics of the Section of Court Interpreters of the Association of Translators and Interpreters of Slovenia, which is based on the Code of Ethics of Eulita, as well as in accordance with the  Rules for court interpreters.